90 Arthur Street

The BMC gallery at our 90 Arthur Street facility is housed in a renovated space that was the original line shaft machine shop for the Buffalo Bronze Foundry. The space includes modern lighting, environmental controls, display panels and cases, to make it a flexible exhibit gallery. Currently, there is an illustrated timeline that informs viewers about the growth of Buffalo from its settlement by indigenous peoples through the period of rapid industrialization following the opening of the Erie Canal. In addition to the timeline, there are several recreational small craft from the BMC collection on display. Upcoming exhibits being planned include a full exploration of the canoe from its origins as a prime mover in indigenous life through the growth of its popularity until it has become one of the most common boats seen in backyards around the world. The canoe exhibit, expected in the fall of 2022, will include a variety of canoe types from a beautiful lapstrake “Nautilus'' cruising canoe, a classic wood and canvas model, and an all out racing canoe from the 1920s.

The Longshed at Canalside

The gallery in the mezzanine at the Longshed at Canalside tells the story of the Erie Canal and the Erie Canal Boat Project through graphic panels and interactive monitors. The next exhibit, expected in the spring of 2022, is dedicated to the history of Haudenosaunee and the Erie Canal, so be sure to check for more information soon.