The Buffalo Maritime Center Foundry was originally established to meet the needs of boat restoration and student boat building projects here at the Buffalo Maritime Center. Since its creation, the vision has grown. Not only can we cast bronze hardware found on most boats (e.g., oar locks, cleats), the Foundry will also offer metal arts classes.

The Buffalo Maritime Center Foundry adds another layer to our educational capability, serving the greater Buffalo arts community and the general public.

The foundry is staffed by volunteers from the Buffalo Foundry Collective, which include, William Koch, Zachary Pritchard, Maryrose Fridey, and Henry Schmidt.

For more information, please contact the BMC Foundry at or visit

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the opening of the Foundry:

Thanks to everyone who supported the opening of the bronze foundry:

  • Evans Bank
  • Bonadio Group
  • Timothy Kane
  • Tom & Nancy Leed
  • John & Rebecca Montague
  • Fred & Val Cooley
  • Curtis Brickhouse
  • John Tracy
  • Robert Bojdak & Sarah Williams
  • Paul Ulmer – Davis/Ulmer
  • Gerald Kelly Capital Corp.
  • Hodgson Russ LLP
  • Rigidized Metals
  • Certo Brothers Distributing
  • Union Concrete
  • Tudor Collins Commercial Realty
  • Vanner Insurance
  • Linda Mernan
  • Al Stocker
  • Dave Poulin