The Old Town Canoe Company is an historic builder of many classic canoes, dinghies, tenders, rowboats, and power skiffs. Founded in 1898, the company has produced many thousands of quality craft, and still is highly regarded as a builder of fine canoes.

This Old Town Dinghy (Zephyr) was built in 1934 as a dual-purpose sailing dinghy/yacht tender. Equipped with brass oar locks, it could be used as a tender without its rigging and, in fact, the Old Town dinghy was a very popular choice for many yacht owners.

This 9-foot dinghy is constructed of cedar ribs and planking, covered with heavy, No. 6 canvas, and features rope gunwales. The stern is strongly braced to accommodate an outboard motor. It has a simple sail rig with a 55 ft2 sail area.

Why do you think the Old Town dinghy was so popular among the yachting crowd?