Rowboats Launch Saturday, May 1st.

Weekend-only rowboat rentals begin May 1st. We hope to open weekdays toward the end of May. Rowboats are $10 per 30 minutes or $15 per hour. Each boat can hold 4 to 5 adults. The most affordable entertainment in Buffalo!

Flamingo Paddle Boats launch May 15th

Last spring we introduced a Flamingo paddle boat to Hoyt Lake. She proved so popular that we added 5 more last summer. We will open the 2021 season with 10 Flamingos and have created a reservation system to accommodate the huge demand. Click on the link at the top of this page to reserve a rowboat or Flamingo this summer. Flamingos rent for $15 per 30 minutes. They can accommodate 2 or 4 adults (depending on model).

Where to Find Us & What to Bring

Our Rental Shed operates from the southwest corner of Delaware Park's Hoyt Lake in Buffalo, NY. There is plenty of parking along Lincoln Parkway or Rumsey Rd. Life jackets are provided and must be worn while on the water. Sunscreen and bottled water are available for purchase at the shed. We encourage online reservations. Call our Boatmaster Paul at (716) 227-0333 with any questions.