Create your own cast bronze BMC memorabilia! In this class participants will be shown how to make basic 2-part molds using what is called “green” sand. Green sand is one of the oldest foundry molding processes and is the same method navy repair ships used to use. Historically the navy has had repair ships with small foundries on board. The knowledgeable molders and casters had numerous wooden patterns of boat parts they would use to create new parts for ships in need of repair out on the water.

Participants in this one-day workshop will be given premade patterns of BMC memorabilia and be shown how to take foundry molds off of them. Each student will be allowed to take home their own castings!

You can show up to this class with no tools or thoughts on what you might want to create. All of that will be given to you.

Take this class if you want some hands-on experience casting bronze and a cool token representing a unique experience!

This class is to be held in late June of 2020.

Contact for more information.