When you walk into the Buffalo Maritime Center, the first thing you see is a bustling boat shop.

What you quickly learn is that the majority of people working in the shop are students and volunteers all participating in a learning experience. Whether it’s a brand new project or a restoration, you will see tools in hands working to make something incredible.

Currently in the shop, we have over 35 wooden boat projects that range from the 1812 sloop of war replica, the USS Trippe, to 15 foot student-built row boats. There are classic canvas on wood canoes, strip-built kayaks, classically-built runabouts and elegant sailboats. You will see artisans and craftsmen producing works in metal in our Bronze Foundry. Students from the public schools and people from the community work together in the shop on a wide variety of projects.

Call 716.881.0111, email info@buffalomaritimecenter.org, or just come on by and see our wonderful facility for yourself!